Mario Casas dawns in paradise: Dominican Republic

Mario Casas woke up this Friday in the Caribbean paradise: Punta Cana, one of the most beautiful corners of the planet and which is the tourist pride of the Dominican Republic.

“Good morning”, in English wrote the Spanish actor in his first story of the day from the Dominican beach enclave.

With a video with palm trees and beach in front, Casas shows how Punta Cana looks like this Friday from where he is staying at the Barceló Bávaro Grand Resort.

In recent weeks the Spanish press has linked him to model Desiré Cordero, with whom he was spotted on one of the beaches of the Cantabrian coast.

“The two have shared images of their getaway and, what a coincidence, there are two that coincide in the location,” the website of Hola magazine reported.

The winner of the Goya Award for best actor for the film “No matarás” (by David Victori), became known in the TV series “Sin Miedo a Soñar” and “Los hombres de Paco”, as well as in the film “Tres metros sobre el cielo”.

His most recent performance is “El inocente”, a recent Netflix series by Oriol Paulo in which he stars.

In the series Casas, 35, gives life to Mateo, who is involved in a fight in which a young man accidentally dies, an event that leads the then law student to prison.

In recent years Casas has taken on roles such as Francisco Boix in “The Photographer of Mauthausen”, he has become the last inhabitant of a remote mountain village in “Under the Skin of the Wolf”; a violent and vengeful father who loses his daughter in “Goodbye” or an obsessive and terrifying health emergency technician in “The Intern”, where he met the actress Déborah François, his last known partner, shortly after breaking up with Blanca Suárez.

And so on to Dani in “No matarás”, which has earned him the recognition of academics and colleagues.

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