Learn how Dominicans consume avocados

Is avocado a fruit or a vegetable?

Among the foods that we usually consume, there are doubts about its true nature as is the case of tomatoes, grains and especially the avocado.

Many are confused about whether the avocado is a fruit or a vegetable, and here we explain it to you.

Fruits contain seeds and come from them in turn, while vegetables usually come from other parts of the plant. That is why we can say that the avocado is a fruit.

In the Dominican Republic we consume avocado in multiple ways, since it is a favorite of many when it comes to eating.

Here are some examples:

Bread with avocado

Although it is usually heard as a strange combination, the truth is that together they become a delicacy. That’s right, bread with avocado, without adding any other ingredients, except salt to taste, if you wish.

Sancocho with avocado

Dominicans look for any excuse to bring avocado to the table, and what better excuse than to accompany a delicious sancocho with avocado.

We usually eat sancocho, rice and avocado, but if we only eat the broth, we usually slice this fruit and dress it inside, as simple as that.

The Dominican Flag

The Dominican flag is the typical dish of this country. It contains rice, beans and stewed meat, however, if an avocado were to appear, it would become the ideal complement.

Avocado Salad

A salad does not necessarily have to be boring, where only lettuce predominates. In the same way, you can prepare it with onion, several peppers, cilantro and olive oil, and if you want a touch of lemon; and you get something very healthy and above all very delicious.

Avocado Juice

Avocado is amazing for smoothies and creams. You can make a delicious juice using avocado, banana, milk and any other ingredient you want to add.

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