The three axes on which Puerto Plata is betting to promote its tourism industry

Each time it renews its vows as the bride of the Atlantic, reaffirming its commitment to tourism in the Dominican Republic by diversifying its offer in attractions for visitors.

Without skimping on the strengthening and without neglecting the needs of the destination to be more competitive, tourism managers of the northern zone advocate unifying the strategic plan of promotion of the various municipalities to create a destination brand.

In this regard, Birgitt Heinsen, president of the board of directors of the Puerto Plata Destination Tourism Cluster (CTDPP), indicated that one of the main objectives of the entity is to position the Puerto Plata destination brand at a national and international level under three fundamental axes: brand, sustainability and technology.

“From the cluster we are working on the development of a brand that represents and is adopted by the different tourist areas and thus be able to implement promotional actions that benefit the entire province,” he added.

He told that with the support of the Government and with the union between the institutions that work in the sector, a positive growth in the projects that are planned to be developed in the tourism of the area is foreseen.

“As a cluster we maintain a good relationship with the Association of Hotels of the North and with the other authorities that have an impact on tourism and in the meetings that we have developed the focal theme is that our mission is to support the promotion of the destination and for that reason it has been identified that an umbrella brand is needed to unite the whole area of Puerto Plata and we are already working on that”, emphasized Heisen.

The director explained that it is not only a question of creating the brand, but that it should be adopted by all those who converge for the economic well-being that tourism generates in the northern zone.

She indicated that other issues that also converge in the new focus of the destination, by projecting an increase in visitor arrivals, are sustainability and technology.

“Sustainability is vital for the development of the destination because we want to increase the number of people who visit us and at the same time maintain the resources in the best possible way; we also want to make Puerto Plata more connected to the world,” he said.


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