This is how the Puntacana Group celebrated ‘World Tourism Day’.

Grupo Puntacana celebrated World Tourism Day with the planting of rain palm trees, a species in danger of extinction, as part of its commitment to the environment and symbolically representing the new stage that the pioneer company in the development of sustainable tourism in the Dominican Republic is beginning.

The ceremony took place in the fruit garden of the Puntacana Group Foundation in the presence of Frank Elías Rainieri, president and CEO of the Puntacana Group; Frank Rainieri, founder and president of the Puntacana Group Foundation; Jake Kheel, vice president of the Puntacana Group Foundation; Haydée Rainieri, member of the board of directors of the Puntacana Group, and with the participation of executives and directors of the business group.

“What better way to begin this new stage of the Puntacana Group than by planting a tree, with the purpose of growing and strengthening us as a team. By planting a tree we create a tradition that should not only remain at the corporate level, but also in our community and our country. Today we are planting something that will last forever,” said Frank Elías Rainieri.

“Since our inception, sustainability has been part of Grupo Puntacana’s DNA. We will continue working for a better world and we celebrate the growth that is born as a result of a firm vision of expansion and diversification, reaffirming our commitment to the protection of the environment, the well-being of our communities and our country,” he said.

Frank Rainieri added that “today is an opportunity to relaunch the awareness that characterizes the Puntacana Group family of working responsibly in a social and environmental manner. We reaffirm our mission to continue working with the purpose of growing with the communities and in a sustainable manner.

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