Tourism transforms three beaches in Barahona

Abinader and Collado assure that these interventions will have a great impact on tourism in the area.

President Luis Abinader and the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, inaugurated this Sunday two vendor plazas and an access road involving three of the main beaches of this province, with an investment of RD$150 million.

The new works delivered in the province are the reconstruction of the Vendors’ Plazas in Los Patos and El Quemaíto beaches; reconstruction of the access road Riocito-Playa Saladillas and the construction of sidewalks on both sides of this stretch in an extension of 2.2 kilometers.

These projects have been carried out with the design and planning of the Executing Committee for Infrastructure in Tourist Zones (CEIZTUR) and within the National Program for the Equipment of Beaches and Spas implemented by Mitur throughout the country.

President Abinader highlighted the impact that the recovery of these beaches will have on tourism in the southern region.

He also said that these interventions are part of the effort developed by the government to promote tourism in this region and to improve the living conditions of its inhabitants.

While affirming that Barahona and the Southwest have taken off, Collado expressed his pride and satisfaction to deliver totally renovated vendor plazas on the main beaches of the Pearl of the South, which from now on will have a positive impact on the local economy.
will now have a positive impact on the economies of its people, and for the delight of those who visit them with more order and security.

He specified that “with this new order in the most popular and touristic beaches here, our promise to turn every corner of the country into a longed-for and diversified tourist destination is reaffirmed and fulfilled once again”.

At Los Patos Beach and Beach Resort

In the company of the main authorities and with the assistance of community members of the province, Collado handed over the project of the new Plaza de Vendedores executed at a cost of RD$66,040,440.25.

In a total area of 6,600 square meters, the work consists of the renovation of 16 sales modules and the construction of 2 new ones, including circulation walkways for visitors; improvement of the electrical and sewage systems.

It also has pergolas between the modules or kiosks; the reconstruction of the existing restroom and the construction of a new restroom module to double the capacity for the user, as well as a new sanitary network and improvement of the electrical system, eliminating the wiring that visually contaminated the environment.Tourism Transforms Three Beaches in Barahona

Equipped with lighting, signage and landscaping, the intervention area includes a concrete entrance plaza and parking lots with capacity for 51 vehicles and 25 motorcycles, as well as a security checkpoint.

El Quemaíto Beach

In an intervention of 2,625 square meters, the renovated vendors’ plaza exhibits the readjustment of the 5 sales kiosks, as well as the construction of a 334 square meter social table area.

All these interventions have a contracted amount of RD$32,636,780.05.

It includes a restroom module, security booth and walkways; the construction of a new POLITUR, parking for 33 vehicles, lighting, landscaping, signage and equipment.

As in Playa Los Patos, the new plaza in Playa El Quemaíto has had its electrical and sanitary systems renovated, as well as its potable water and sewage disposal systems.


As part of the inauguration agenda, Abinader and Collado also inaugurated the reconstruction of the Riocito-Playa Saladilla access road, including the construction of sidewalks on both sides along the entire length of this 2.2 km stretch.
of this 2.2 kilometer stretch.

This work has become a reality, in response to long-standing demands of several communities of Barahona and with the purpose of connecting the center of the city with Saladilla Beach, due to its enormous tourist potential. It has had an investment of RD$49,310,310,000
investment of RD$49,310,984.77.

The execution of this road project, with two (2) lanes of circulation of 3 meters each, includes the placement of asphalt concrete, construction of concrete gutters and slope to form longitudinal drainage and three culverts where the gullies cross, in addition to road signage (horizontal and vertical).



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