Arajet achieves record occupancy rate in January with more than 80%

Arajet Airlines reported that last January was the best month for occupancy in its flights, with an average that exceeded 80% for the first time in the young history of the company.

According to the passenger report of the Civil Aviation Board (JAC), Arajet continues to be the leading Dominican airline in passenger transportation, with a total of 66,526 passengers during the month of January, which is equivalent to 73% of the total passengers transported by local operators. Victor Pacheco, president of Arajet, explained that the official number of the JAC is without taking into account passengers in connections, so when you look at the complete data is when you understand why January was the best month in history for Arajet, with a record average occupancy for the airline.

“We are going month after month surpassing ourselves, which fills us with satisfaction and gratitude towards the passengers of our 23 destinations, who increasingly prefer Arajet to come to the country or to connect to one of the 16 countries to which Arajet currently flies,” he said.

He indicated that, according to data provided by the Ministry of Tourism, available on the Mitur portal, in January Arajet was the second airline with the most tourists entering the country through Las Americas International Airport, surpassing large traditional airlines.

“Arajet is already an airline with a great impact on tourist arrivals, and that is without yet having access to the US market, which fills us with optimism towards an extraordinary future for our airline and for the country, due to the significant increase in tourists that the DR will have when we have flights to that market,” he added.


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