Arajet will strengthen exchange between South America and DR, says Arajet

Minister Tabaré Viera welcomed the initiative of the Dominican airline Arajet to start direct flights between Santo Domingo and Montevideo as from November.

He assured that air connectivity is fundamental for the development of tourism in the region.

“I believe that we have a great opportunity and the certainty that we are going to improve the numbers of tourism and commercial exchange for both Uruguay and the Dominican Republic,” said the official while talking with the outgoing president of FIPETUR, Luis José Chávez, and with Yenny Polanco Lovera, president of the Dominican Association of Tourism Press (ADOMPRETUR).

He considered that the growth of the Dominican Republic’s air connection with several South American countries will also serve as a springboard to link Uruguay with other destinations in the Caribbean and throughout the Americas.

“Uruguay as a sun and beach destination also admires the Dominican Republic and its authorities for the wisdom of turning the misfortune of a pandemic into an opportunity to strengthen its main industry and consolidate its position as the first economic power in the Caribbean,” proclaimed Tabaré Viera.

He recalled that after the pandemic, President Luis Lacalle Pou adopted several measures to support the recovery of tourism and the strengthening of air connectivity, in order to maintain Uruguay’s position as the South American country with the highest flow of tourists in relation to its total population.

After congratulating President Luis Abinader and Tourism Minister David Collado for the merit of leading the recovery of tourism worldwide, Viera expressed that the Dominican Republic is a wonderful country of cheerful, hospitable and enterprising people that has become a benchmark of success in economic development and democratic governance.

He explained that Uruguay is currently presenting a tourist and cultural offer that has to do with its tradition as a sun and beach destination and its condition as a country of four seasons that represent an attraction for international tourism, in addition to having an excellent quality infrastructure.

During the period in which the Ibero-American tourism press meeting took place, just when a large part of the world was embraced by a strong heat wave, Uruguay maintained winter temperatures that fluctuated between 2 and 12 degrees Celsius (Notes by Luis José Chávez).

“But we are also putting a lot of emphasis on the promotion of the historical heritage, the economy, the production of high quality wines and olive oils and everything that has to do with rural tourism,” the official said.

He said he was confident that the new direct connection between the Dominican Republic and Uruguay will boost the flow of tourism and commercial exchange, with potential impact on culture, education, artistic activity and various areas of the economy.


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