mbajada DR holds round table with entrepreneurs

The Embassy of the Dominican Republic in Jamaica hosted the “Dominican Republic Roundtable Dinner: Forging Successful Business Connections with the Dominican Republic”.

At least 25 owners of important economic groups in Jamaica, government authorities and industry experts gathered to discuss how to further strengthen trade and investment relations between the two nations, as well as to provide clues on how to export to the Dominican Republic and other Latin American countries.

The activity took place at the official residence of the Dominican Republic in Kingston and was led by Ambassador Angie Martinez; the permanent representative of the Dominican Republic to the International Seabed Authority, Edward Perez Reyes; Jamaica’s Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Mines, Floyd Green; the president of Jamaica’s Private Sector, Metry Seaga; and Adtelligent’s CEO, Craig Powe.

The dinner served as a backdrop for the “Keys to LATAM” event, which will be held this week at the Spanish Court Hotel, where business leaders will gather to exchange knowledge, strategies and experiences to strengthen their presence in the Latin American market.

Its objective is to empower companies seeking to boost their country’s economic growth and expand their commercial relations with Latin American countries, including notably the Dominican Republic.

The international conference is in collaboration with the Dominican Embassy in Kingston and was organized in conjunction with Adtelligent and the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica (PSOJ), which brings together more than 400 leading Jamaican companies.

Martinez said that since his arrival in Jamaica he has been working to develop a win-win relationship between the two countries.

He thanked the Jamaican authorities for their support, which has allowed him to achieve significant milestones and extraordinary results, in a very short time, for the benefit of both peoples.

“I want to highlight that the Dominican Republic is an open economy that in 2022, imported products for more than $40 billion from the global market,” he stressed.


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