El 4 with the President, Expo Cibao and Fashion Fashion Week

While covering President Luis Abinader’s tour of New York, the media of the State Corporation of Radio and Television, CERTV, has also focused this week on two events of extraordinary importance for the national resurgence in the face of the vicissitudes caused by COVID-19.

In what has probably been the most productive trip ever made by a Dominican president to New York, Abinader crowned his trip with a historic and vibrant appearance before the UN General Assembly and the launching in the United States of the Dominican Republic as a country brand.

The copious trip to the Big Apple, with a 6-day agenda that included up to 4 and 5 activities per day, had in addition to the two mentioned above, three other transcendent events.

I am referring to the recognition of 37 Creoles who excelled in education, health, military, government, congress, community service, politics, art, sports, culture, etc. The quantity and quality of those recognized by the President explains the weight of the Community in the big city.

Another phenomenal act was the reception of a part of the 2500 children of Creoles born in New York who in the last year have applied to become naturalized Dominicans, which they can do after Peña Gómez, in view of the political importance there and the defense of the interests here, motivated that the Dominican does not lose his nationality when acquiring another one. The 2500 is “much higher” than the number of those who requested it in the last two decades.

The data reports the confidence that the government of change inspires in NY, in relation to the previous administrations.

There were also two other activities, one in which the President informed that Senasa, INVI, Banreservas, Infotep and other state institutions will provide services to the Creoles there, and another in which he paid tribute to the Dominicans who from the capital of the world resisted the tyranny of Rafael Trujillo and collaborated in different ways with the end of his regime. This week we are also following the 2021 versions of two shows of extraordinary value: Expo Cibao, the largest annual business exhibition platform in the country, and Fashion Moda Week, which brings us all the glamour of an activity previously only of interest to perfumed elites, now converted into another source of demonstration of the potential of the Dominican Republic to gain space in the service economy that prevails globally.

The three coverages give the state communications agency the opportunity to fulfill the fundamental purpose that guides its current management: to serve society and the State by being a beacon for the promotion of the most transcendental national activities.

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