Nonstop flights between Guatemala and the Dom Rep

The low cost airline Arajet started operations in Guatemala, which allows to continue the actions to strengthen air connectivity.

According to Francis Argueta, head of the General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics (DGAC), this new airline is generating a new route and connection between Guatemala and the Dominican Republic, with non-stop service.

With fares starting at less than US$200, it is now available. We can generate more tourism, more corporate travel. And the air connectivity will really bring us the opportunity to visit that country and the tourism that travels to the Dominican Republic to visit Guatemala, said Argueta.

Guatemala and the Dominican Republic enjoy an Air Services Agreement. This open skies action, promoted by President Alejandro Giammattei, seeks to carry out two-way commercial air transport operations.


Arajet indicates that its main characteristic is to make travel accessible so that more people can fly.

Boeing Arajet 737-8We have designed fares that give you the flexibility to pay only for what you need or combine services at your convenience. One of the pillars of Arajet is price. With us you will find the most economical fares in the market, allowing you to plan a tailor-made trip, says the airline.


On the other hand, Arajet explains to customers about fares and taxes, as well as other taxes or additional charges in certain foreign countries. Its goal is to provide high quality service.

Our team of professionals will work to make sure you have an excellent travel experience. We offer direct flights connecting from Santo Domingo to other cities in the Caribbean, Central and South America.

The airline mentions that among its work is to incorporate new routes, so announcements will be made on its website and official social networks.

Boosting tourism

In the axis Relations with the World, the General Government Policy (PGG) establishes the importance of ensuring the use of international relations.

In addition to good diplomatic relations, the Government of Guatemala highlights the importance of improving and strengthening international trade, tourism and investment, among others.

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