Nails “pic and mix”, the trend that is driving Instagram wild

Deciding on the design for your next manicure can sometimes become a spiral of indecision. Many nail art lovers spend more time choosing the color and pattern that will be the protagonist of their creations than actually doing the artwork itself.

Therefore, the new beauty trend is not to choose between a single drawing but to go for all of them at the same time. The so-called pic and mix that has made fashion experts fall in love with the trend moves from the garments to our hands with a very funny trend that consists of mixing different prints and colors in the same manicure.

Keep an eye on this article, because here are the designs that you can wear these days to make your nail art a success. Tastes differ in genres Don’t lose sight of this note, because here we will leave you the designs that you can wear these days to make your nail art a success. Tastes are different and this new trend will surely prevent you from breaking your head choosing a single color for your manicure.

One of the forerunners of this trend was Kylie Jenner. We know that everything the businesswoman wears on her hands ends up being a hit in beauty salons. Thus, the most famous manicurists began to create original designs for those who find it difficult to choose when it comes to manicure.

Influencer Chiara Ferragni is already betting on this trend, and has shared on several occasions with her Instagram followers her own version of the pic and mix and from her trench we have seen that her favorite design has colorful hearts, pink clouds, flames, flowers and even cherries.

The most famous it girls who have shared with us their own version of this mani that comes stomping have resorted to a simple, but simple formula that never fails when it comes to resorting to such bold and colorful designs: “to achieve this style is necessary to combine and intersperse very different prints together to achieve an eclectic and striking effect”.

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