Miss Universe venue awarded to the DR, says Magali Febles

The director of Miss RD Universe, Magali Febles, informed through a press release that the Miss Universe organization awarded the 2022 host city to the Dominican Republic, after Dominican fans of the international beauty pageant started the campaign “I want Miss Universe in the DR”, with the objective that the 71st edition of the popular event will be held in the Dominican Republic.

According to the document sent to Diario Libre, for months Febles has been talking about the possibility of the country hosting the event and asked the authorities to take into consideration the benefits that the event would bring to the country, for which she explained that Quisqueya has everything to host the beauty contest in which about 95 countries around the world participate.

Among the advantages pointed out by the expert in reigns are that after the country where the Miss Universe show will be held is made known, Google searches automatically skyrocket. According to data, a tourist spends between 150 to 600 dollars a day, which is an incentive to the economy.

The Dominican Republic also has the geographical advantage of being a central point for the United States and Latin America, so it is estimated that thousands of visitors from different parts of the USA, the Caribbean and Latin America would come to the country.

Miss Universe continues to be one of the three biggest events in the world, preceded by the Super Bowl and the Olympics, in that sense, the beneficiaries of an event of this magnitude are: businesses, hotels, restaurants, air and ground transportation.

Therefore, the Miss Dominican Republic Universe organization, directed by Magaly Febles, together with the official organization, managed to reduce the costs from 8.5 million dollars to 2.5 million dollars thanks to the sponsorship provided by private companies.

The most benefited area is tourism, since the host country promotes its tourist attractions worldwide in the five continents.

The contest where Amelia Vega won in 2003 is watched by more than one billion television viewers in the five continents.

In the international transmission of the event, the host country has two hours to project the country with its best places, its gastronomy, the hospitality of its people, its hotel capacity, the security it offers to visitors and its air and road connections.

In the case of the Dominican Republic in 1977 the Miss Universe was held in the country giving as winner the representative of Trinidad and Tobago, Janelle Penny Commission, who was the first black queen to be crowned Miss Universe in the city of Santo Domingo.

“I understand the government’s publicity strategies and I respect them, but with all these benefits for the country it is worth insisting on the good will of our minister David Collado and our President Mr. Luis Abinader to reconsider this opportunity and not lose the venue in the country,” Magaly Febles said in a communication.

The event has not come to the country for 45 years and the last time they came to the Caribbean was in 2019 the last contest was held in Israel paid 16 million dollars.

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