Tricks for White teeth

Illuminate your smile

Smile illuminates the face, and is a great seduction asset because it contributes to what we call “charm” in a person.

But to have a nice smile, it’s necessary to have nice teeth, this is why having white teeth is a dream of many persons.

If dentist treatments are expansive, there are some advices and tricks to apply in order to have whiter teeth.
Positive attitudes:

Flavor aliments as apples, carrots, or celery. These one increase saliva amount and contribute to the elimination of deposits on teeth.
Brush you teeth after every time you eat, at least for 3 minutes
Rub your teeth with “Siwak”, a shrub branch used by Muslims as a tooth brush. It seems to have great effects on teeth and on strengthening gums.
Rub your teeth with charcoal during several minutes.
Lemon, thanks to its abrasive action, would be good to whiten teeth.
Use sodium bicarbonate to brush your teeth, every 15 days.
The whitening effect of products sold in Pharmacy is produced by hydrogen peroxide, also called Oxygenated Water. Applying it on your teeth helps to whiten your teeth.

ain of these product have an abrasive action on teeth and can damage their enamel, this is the reason why they should be used only some times and on healthy teeth.
Contact your dentist before trying any of these techniques.


  • A bad brushing that favours loss of shining in teeth.
    Drinks as tea, coffee, red wine, soda.
    Aliments as berries and those that contains food-colouring substance.
    Smoking, since nicotine produces stains very difficult to remove.


White Teeth


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