FEDA inaugurates Meat Festival and announces programs

The director of the Special Fund for Agricultural Development (FEDA), Hecmilio Galván, inaugurated the first Meat Festival, an event in which this locality was declared capital of the production of this product.

In the presence of the main local authorities of the province of La Altagracia, such as Senator Dr. Virgilio Cedano, the mayor of La Altagracia, the mayor of La Altagracia, Dr. Virgilio Cedano, the mayor of La Altagracia, the mayor of La Altagracia, the mayor of La Altagracia and the mayor of La Altagracia. Virgilio Cedano, Mayor Rafael Barón Duluc and Governor Martina Santana, the FEDA director said that “today, on behalf of President Luis Abinader, to whom the Festival is dedicated, we deliver this Festival to the people of Higüey, so that every year the Meat Festival is held to demonstrate the potential and development of this great province which is the capital of livestock, meat and one of the largest producers of milk in the country”.

To all the people of Higüey we deliver this fair so that it always takes place and that the Dominican Republic knows that Higüey is the Capital of the Meat of the country.

Galván emphasized that “La Altagracia has thousands of tasks dedicated to cattle raising; it is a province example of associativity, it has important associations like AGANI, many others like Aprodelpa. In San Rafael de Yuma it has several and it also has the only cooperative of meat breeders in the Dominican Republic, Coopcarne, so I also announced that it is taking the necessary steps for the construction of an industrial slaughterhouse for the entire East, as well as a program for the retention of young cattle that will support young people”.

The director of FEDA announced that “President Abinader gave FEDA the funds to create the Agricultural Plaza ofFEDA Fiesta de la Carne Higüey, that same day he promised to deliver a tractor to the Cooperative of the Board of Producers of La Altagracia”.

The mayor of Higüey, Rafael Barón Duluc (Cholitín), pointed out that “La Altagracia, apart from being the main tourist province, is the most important province in meat production in the country and that has always been a pride of the Altagracianos – higüeyanos and that we must sell it, understand it and promote it, because this is the first fair of the meat as far as I know”. He pointed out “This is a good initiative that we must guarantee every year”.

The president of CoopCarne, Rafael Pión, said that “it is a necessity for the province of La Altagracia to have again an industrial slaughterhouse, by a desire that our President Luis Abinader has; when he realized that we were the largest producers of meat and that there was no industrial slaughterhouse, he sent us to form what is today CoopCarne, to be able to access international and local funds to have an industrial slaughterhouse as we deserve it”.

“It is a necessity to stop sending our products to Santo Domingo and then send them back to us in little trays so that we can consume them in Higüey bought in supermarkets”, pointed out the president of CoopCarne.

Virgilo Cedano, senator of La Altagracia province, affirmed that the Meat Festival will be part of our cultural heritage, as well as the Higüey Paso horse, National Horse Breed of the Dominican Republic; we have the Milk Fair, the Yucca Fair, we have tourism, we have the main Marian center, not only of our country, but of all the Caribbean.

Hecmilio Galván was accompanied at the main table by the provincial governor, Martina Pepén Santana; senator Virgilio Cedano; mayor Rafael Barón Duluc (Cholitín); the deputy director of FEDA, Irma Rondón; the president of CoopCarne, Rafael Pión, and Fausto Elías Tejada, president of the National Association of Agricultural Professionals (ANPA), among other personalities.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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