Time is running out for Valle Nuevo’s producers

Yesterday, Sunday, the 100-day deadline granted by the government to the producers of Valle Nuevo, Constanza, to harvest agricultural crops in the protected area expired.

Now, as planned, the authorities will take complete control of the park to recover and preserve its waters.

The Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Orlando Jorge Mera, had explained that the rescue of “La Madre de las Aguas”, as Valle Nuevo National Park is well known, is a priority for the government and “will be carried out based on the respect for the dignity of those who have been in this zone since before it was declared a protected area”. The deadline, which began in June 2021, is based on the fact that the park covers 900 square kilometers and has the largest water reserve in the Dominican Republic, so its recovery is “primordial”.

Once the deadline has passed, the Ministry of the Environment must inform the Ministry of the Environment of the new steps to be taken in relation to the Valle Nuevo National Park Rescue Plan, as ordered in Resolution 0016-2021.

This provision modified the third article of resolution 0014-2016 so that it is now understood that “agricultural and livestock activities developed within Valle Nuevo are strictly prohibited, as well as the entry into it of seeds, fertilizers, agrochemicals, inputs in general and agricultural tools and implements.

Resolution 0016-2021 grants a term of 100 days to harvest and/or remove the crops under development and to dismantle the infrastructure and equipment related to agricultural crops and livestock.

In addition, the Environmental measure prohibits new plantings, clarifying that only the completion and withdrawal of short-cycle products that were planted at the time of publication of this resolution will be allowed.

In its third article, the resolution cites a ruling issued on November 26, 2018 by the Superior Administrative Court that welcomes the eviction by the Ministry of Environment of any agricultural settlements that remain within Valle Nuevo.

In addition, Environment establishes that it may coordinate with the Ministry of Defense so that through the National Environmental Protection Service and with the support of the competent institutions, as the case may be, to ensure compliance with this resolution.

The agricultural producers of Valle Nuevo were concerned about Resolution 0016-2021. Vegetables, garlic, potatoes, strawberries, and other crops are grown here.

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