Art and culture festival “Mayo Teatro 2021” announced

The National Festival of Popular Theater “Mayo Teatro 2021” will be held from May 14 to 23, in the auditorium of the Narciso González Cultural Center of this capital.

The announcement was made by engineer Pedro Julio Quezada, president of the Dominican Federation of Arts and Culture (Fedoarcu), who noted that the event will be aimed at motivating the national sports community, especially athletes to take an interest in theater.

“For athletes, theater can serve as training and can also influence cultural formation,” Quezada said during a first day of work organizing the event, together with theater directors, held in the halls of the Dominican Olympic Committee.

“We want the federates to send us their athletes so that they, in their free time, can enjoy the different plays that we are going to present,” insisted Quezada.

He pointed out that through an increase in cultural knowledge, athletes can become better ambassadors of the Dominican Republic, promoting our culture abroad.

The National Festival of Popular Theater “Mayo Teatro 2021” will have a special dedication to Grupo Teatral Guloya, where they will also recognize artist Elvira Taveras.

In addition to the staging of plays, the program of activities includes various workshops, which will be held virtually.


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