D’ Vieja Pan, a Dominican and Samanense tradition

Samaná is a province rich in gastronomy, history, culture and Dominican tradition, which is currently considered one of the most important tourist centers in the country.

It is said that those who travel to this province and do not pass by the following bakery have not set foot in Samaná: D’Vieja Pan, a tradition that has passed from generation to generation; it is considered an icon of Dominican gastronomy, highly appreciated by local and foreign tourists who visit.

The people of Samaná have been characterized for being people of great heart, dedicated to their work. Their main products are coconut and fish, but as in every place, there are people who prefer to live on other things.

D’ Vieja Pan is an almost intact sample of the culinary tradition inherited from the freed slaves from the south of the United States who settled in the Samaná peninsula since the beginning of the 19th century.

This family tradition is an important complement to the gastronomic offerings of the tourist destination and its culinary culture.

For many, D’Vieja Pan represents the best kept treasure of the Samanenses, that is why all tourists who travel to the province, the first stop they make is to the establishment in search of their baked bread.

Nelly Mercedes is currently in charge of the business; she learned from her grandmother, Monica Miguel, better known as “Benilia”. The latter made yautia bread to sell in the streets. Little by little she added more variety and introduced pastries, empanadas, conconete, English bread, among others.

For Nelly, the elaboration of these breads represents more than a profession, because thanks to this activity she and her family had the opportunity to study and become good professionals.

If you have not yet visited this beautiful province, it is the perfect excuse to try this Dominican gastronomic heritage that captivates palates and are made with one hundred percent Dominican products and most importantly made with love.


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