La Mar de Cine screens ‘Malpaso’

La Mar de Cine screens this Wednesday ‘Malpaso’, a film about the border between Haiti and Dominican Republic

The section La Mar de Cine, framed in the festival La Mar de Músicas, has scheduled Wednesday the screening of the film ‘Malpaso’, which shows the social reality of the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Specifically, the screening will take place from 22.00 hours in the Old Courtyard of the CIM, according to sources from the City of Cartagena in a statement.

This is a film considered as the “most mature” of its director, Hector Valdez. In fact, it has represented the Dominican Republic in the 2020 Goya Awards and received the Special Jury Prize at the Ibero-Latin American Film Festival of Trieste, among other awards.

In 80 minutes, this film shows in a “crude” way the social reality of the binational market of Jimaní, located on the border between the Dominican Republic and Haiti. The feature film will be shown in original version with Spanish subtitles (v.o.s.e.) and tells the story of Cándido and Braulio. They are twin brothers and orphans growing up in the border town of Malpaso, Jimaní, right on the border of the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Braulio helps his grandfather sell charcoal in the market, while Cándido remains confined at home due to his albinism. His life takes an unexpected turn after the death of his grandfather. Now, Braulio will have to take care of his brother and both will try to survive in the frontier market. At the same time, Cándido dreams of the eventual return of his father, who abandoned them at birth.

Héctor M. Valdez (1989, Dominican Republic) has been making films since 2009, where he directed and produced his first short film: ‘El Fallo’. Upon graduating from McGill University in Montreal, QC, he returned to the Dominican Republic in 2012 and embarked on directing his first feature film, ‘Al Sur de la Inocencia’.

The film screened at many festivals, including the Rotterdam-Curaçao International Film Festival and the AFI Latin American Film Festival. In 2014, he co-founded Bou Group: a film production company based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

In 2015, he was executive producer of the film Todos los hombres son iguales (2016), directed by Spanish director Manuel Gómez Pereira. Malpaso is his third feature film, and had its world premiere at Tallinn Black Nights, Estonia.

The outdoor cinema continues this Thursday with the film ‘Hotel Coppelia’. And it continues on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week with screenings of ‘Miriam Lies’, ‘The Beast and the Party’, and ‘Daddy’.



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