MPU describes Abinader’s visit to New York as historic, highlights benefits for diaspora

Activist Ramón Valdez (Changó), president of the MPU, described President Abinader’s visit to NY as historic and highlighted the benefits for the Diaspora. (External source).

The president of the MPU, activist Ramón Valdez (Changó) said that the deferential treatment and the closeness that Abinader maintained with hundreds of Dominicans who participated in the activities, is a sign that the president is fulfilling his promises to the Creole community overseas.

“President Abinader’s visit to New York left more than 90% of Dominicans who followed the news and social networks where every measure in favor of the Diaspora was announced more than satisfied and pleased,” added Valdez.

“Unlike other presidents who came to use us as a piggy bank for their electoral campaigns, coming and leaving us empty-handed with their lies on their backs, Abinader embraced just like the First Lady with the entire community,” he explained.

He pointed out that the massive demonstrations of appreciation, respect, support and admiration for the president and his wife are the clearest proof that Abinader is still in the heart of the diaspora that supports all his executions especially the fight against corruption and impunity.

“The promise to legislate to eliminate taxes on airline tickets and the payment of $20 to enter and leave the country, the opening of Banreservas offices, the SENASA insurance, the recognition of 37 outstanding Dominicans, the participation in the Integral Agenda of Cooperation and Development between the Diaspora and the Government convened by Congressman Adriano Espaillat, the first council of ministers in the Diaspora, the swearing in of almost 2,000 children of Dominicans who were sworn in under the flag of their parents and the visit of the First Lady to the Consulate General, among other activities,” Valdez recalled.

“This visit by the president marked a milestone never before achieved in favor of the achievements and aspirations of the Diaspora, and we are sure that Abinader, as he has done so far, will fully comply with all the commitments he made,” he said.

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