4 practices of Grupo Piñero for a more sustainable tourism

Around one million tourists visited national parks and natural monuments on the island, 71.98% of whom were foreigners, according to figures from the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, which indicates a special interest in more ecological and exploratory tourism. In view of this, Grupo Piñero proposes four practices that help to continue preserving natural spaces and the environment.

In recent years, sustainable development has become one of the levers of economic recovery worldwide. Day after day, more and more brands and tourists are joining the wave of tourism that values sustainability. Therefore, at a time when various sectors are rethinking new challenges, it is necessary to unify efforts to jointly create management models focused on protecting natural resources and the environment.

Currently, the Dominican Republic has more than 128 protected areas with an ideal microclimate to be the focus of hundreds of tourists from all over the world. An example of this is that by August 2022, more than one million tourists visited national parks and natural monuments of the island, among them 71.98% were foreigners, according to figures from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, which denotes a special interest in a more ecological and exploratory tourism.Parque Nacional Los Haitises

In view of this, Grupo Piñero, a Spanish tourism company with almost 50 years of history, recommends four keys to consider in order to practice more responsible tourism in the communities where they operate, with a view to continue promoting the sustainability and protection of these natural environments:

1. Efficient use of natural resources: it is vital to work on adapting an action plan in the face of climate risks, creating a clean and circular business model that optimally manages resources. It is time to recycle more and waste less.

2. Reduce and monitor consumption: small changes can make a difference, from digitizing processes to applying less polluting technologies, such as the substitution of electric mobility, the use of renewable energy and/or the correct management of drinking water.

3. Strategic alliances: be part of community initiatives, joining efforts with foundations or organizations that work for the protection of native species, protected natural areas and collaborate in clean-up campaigns.

4. Awareness campaigns: integrate the community, tourists and employees in awareness campaigns and actions, promoting good environmental protection practices in the environments/experiences inside and outside the lodging.

In the words of Isabel Piñero, Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO) of Grupo Piñero: “Tourism must lay its foundations on awareness and sensitization of all stakeholders, in order to protect our natural environments, make efficient use of resources and encourage others to be part of the solution. As a sector we are responsible for further promoting the sustainability of tourism, from Grupo Piñero we are working to continue with the firm purpose of promoting environmental, social and good governance criteria -ESG- in all our decisions and projects, with the aim of becoming a benchmark in Sustainable Tourism”.

Grupo Piñero promotes projects such as the Somos Ecoistas Movement, which invites society as a whole to show its ‘ecoist’ side and carry out actions that contribute to the preservation of the environment. With this movement, the company not only publicizes its sustainability strategy, but also calls on all individuals to take care of the planet together.

Therefore, in commemoration of the International Day Against Climate Change, it is necessary to continue focusing efforts on encouraging alliances within the sector to promote initiatives that promote more responsible tourism. This is why working together with government authorities and other sectors is essential for the Dominican Republic to continue to be the destination that tourists dream of and yearn for.

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