An Intense Hurricane Season Ends Today

Hurricane Season

This year, the nature left behind it a furrow of death in Central America, in Dominican Republic, in Haiti and in Mexico, during the cyclonic season which finishes officially today and which almost did not affect the United States.
The worst of the hurricane season, which began on June 1, “clearly was for the Caribbean”, said Efe Dennis Feltgen, meteorologist and spokesman of the National Hurricane Center (NHC) of the United States, in Miami.

The forecasts of the meteorologists, who had predicted an intense hurricane season in the Atlantic for this year, were accomplished with the formation of 14 tropical storms and six hurricanes (“Dean”, “Felix”, “Humberto”, “Karen”, “Lorenzo” and “Noel”), including two of them of category 5, with winds of more than 250 kilometers per hour.
To face some criticisms as for the doubtful exactitude of weather forecasting, Feltgen supported that it is frequent to note a false idea which consists in “believing that all the storms will make landfal.”

“We said that we were going to undergo an active season,” underlined the scientist, to add that the meteorologists of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of the United States “correctly predicted the number of storms which could be formed” in 2007.

In last May, the NOAA had forecast for the season 2007 in the Atlantic basin the formation of 13 to 17 storms, among which 7 to 10 would be strengthened in hurricanes.

Compared to the benign cyclonic activity of the last season, with 9 storms and 5 hurricanes, of which none of them hit the United States, this year, the weather phenomena have affected especially the island of Hispaniola, the Central America and Mexico.

Dominican Republic Live, 30.11.07

RD $250 Million to Repair The Schools

School Dominican Republic

Dominican studentsThe secretariat of Education received RD $250 million yesterday as advance on the special funds assigned by the Government to finance the program of readjustment of the schools affected by the storm Noel.

To these resources, with which Education will cover a part of repairs of the school establishments, one will add RD $100 million which will be delivered at the beginning of December.

One informed that Education will receive in January a third payment of RD $102 million, with which it will supplement the RD $452 that the secretary Alejandrina Germán solicited to president Leonel Fernández to repair the infrastructures.

The most affected buildings are located in the provinces of Barahona, San Cristóbal, San Juan and Duarte and of funds.

Dominican Republic Live, 30.11.07

Dominican Government Gives Trucks and Buses Tax Break on Diesel

Santo Domingo Transport

Bus of Santo Domingo SANTO DOMINGO – President Leonel Fernandez last night issued a decree which established a mechanism to compensate the higher cost of diesel used by the country’s passenger and freight vehicles.

The disposition aims to prevent a rise in fares and freight costs, after the last few months’ fuel price rise in international markets.

The mechanism, which includes freight, food and construction equipment, as well as passenger transport, consists of refunding the taxes on diesel and the 16 percent on the import parity price corresponding to that fuel.

In his decree, Fernandez says it aims to keep the price increases on petroleum’s derivatives from negatively affecting most of the population’s economy. The decree says it’s applicable to the consumption of up to one million gallons of diesel monthly.

It also determines that the amount of the monthly compensatory transference will be granted only to carriers affiliated with the legally-registered truckers and bus driver unions, through the gas stations which supply fuel to them.

In another article the decree establishes that the Industry and Commerce and Hacienda ministries, as well as representatives of transport unions and organizations, will draft the regulation to apply its dispositions, within seven working days after it’s published.

This disposition is transitory in nature, to be in effect for three months from its release.

Dominican Republic Live, 30.11.07

The Banco Popular Inaugurates The Popular Fair of Car

Banco Popular

Manuel Alejandro GrullónSANTO DOMINGO – With offers of low taxes and the most modern brand marks of vehicles, the Dominican Banco Popular inaugurated this Thursday the 14th edition of the Popular Fair of the Car, which takes place on the esplanade of the Popular Tower.

The ceremony was directed by the principal executives of the Popular Financial Group, Alejandro Grullón, president, and by Manuel Alejandro Grullón, president of the Popular Bank.

The inaugural speeches of the opening ceremony of the fair were made by Alejandro Santelises, executive vice-president of the Personal Trades and Branches of the Popular.

In his speech Santelises stressed the great importance to be able every year to identify the elements which allow the customer choosing the vehicle which answers his needs.

“The experience enabled us to identify the principal motivation in the decision-making for the acquisition of a vehicle, which is generally the quietness to enjoy fixed conditions of financing with more comfortable times,” he expressed.

During the Fair, they will offer a series of additional benefit like the handing-over of a credit card, a current account with electronic cheque book and the affiliation to electronic channels of financial services, which forms an attractive package for the customer.

This exhibition, which will be opened to the public until Sunday December 2, will allow to the visitors to appreciate the last automobile models of the principal dealers of the country, to compare the various offers and to negotiate with different representatives.

Dominican Republic Live, 30.11.07

Earthquake Felt in Cibao

Richter cale

EarthquakeSANTIAGO – An earthquake which had its epicenter in the island of Martinique was felt around 3 o’clock in the afternoon of yesterday in Santiago, in Espaillat, El Valle, San Francisco de Macorís, Hermanas Mirabal, María Trinidad Sánchez and Dajabón without any damage.

International news services indicated that the intensity of the seism was of 7.4 degrees on the Richter scale and had its epicentre in the island of Martinique, where it caused the death of a man, several wounded people and the collapse of buildings.

The seism was also felt in Venezuela and in other islands of the Caribbean, in Puerto Rico, in Barbados and in Guadeloupe.

The tremor caused panic in the population of Santiago where tens employed and people who were in the buildings of the Power Company (Edenorte) gave up the places.
In front of the fear which the telluric movement can cause crumblings, a lot of people decided to go out in the streets.
In the same way, tens of people called the institutions of assistance to report the situation and to inform themselves of the damages or to obtain other information concerning the seism.

The director of the Institute of Seismology of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD), Felix Martínez, indicated that “the seism occurred very far from the country and the counterparts will not be felt, the population should not be alarmed.”

According to the Institute of Geophysics of the United States the epicenter of the seism was localized to 145 kilometers depth at latitude 14.9 North and longitude 61.2 West.

The international agencies indicate that the depth of the phenomenon prevents that it can be described as Tsunami.

Dominican Republic Live, 30.11.07

Penn, Schoen & Berland Survey

Leonel Fernández 50%, Miguel Vargas Maldonado 35% and Amable Aristy Castro 10%

If the presidential elections took place at the present time, the candidate of the Party of the Dominican Liberation and President of the Republic, Leonel Fernández Reyna, would obtain 50 percent of the votes. In second position we would find the candidate of the opposition of the Dominican Revolutionary Party, Miguel Vargas Maldonado, who would obtain 35 percent, and in third place, Amable Aristy Castro, of the Reformist Social Christian Party, with 10 percent.

These data are contained in the investigation of the company Penn and Schoenn, presented this Friday by the executives of this American company.

The survey also reveals that the candidate of the adversary coalition Cuarta Via, Eduardo Estrella, would obtain 1 percent of the votes of the national electorate.

Dominican Republic Live, 30.11.07


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