British Embassy in the DR to learn about technologies

Within the framework of its collaboration with the Terra & Marre Foundation, the British Embassy in the Dominican Republic made a visit to the tourist area of Punta Cana with the intention of learning about the environmental sanitation technology used in the country for the collection of sargassum, which will also provide the creation of hundreds of jobs on the coasts of the country and the Caribbean.

According to a press release, the visit was headed by the Ambassador of the United Kingdom, Mockbul Ali OBE, who was interested in learning about the use of the technology, the social, environmental and economic development of the region, as well as the operations implemented in the area by SOS Carbon, which is dedicated to the environmental sanitation of the coasts.

SOS Carbon, an organization founded at MIT to provide efficient and sustainable solutions to the problem of sargassum invasions on the coasts and beaches of the Caribbean, focuses on environmental remediation by collectingEmbajada Británica en RD sargassum while it is still in the sea, using its Litorral Collection Module (LCM) system. This environmental service utilizes existing infrastructure, artisanal boats, generating opportunities for coastal communities while expanding the generation of sustainable tourism.

During the visit, the British Embassy was able to see first-hand the work of SOS Carbon and its commitment to generating employment for coastal communities.

Ambassador Ali OBE applauded the empowerment and inclusion fostered in the communities while scaling up the sargassum collection system on the Dominican and Caribbean coasts.

Last December 2022, the British Embassy announced its support for Fundación Terra & Marre to expand research and development programs, as well as for the creation of educational programs on environmental awareness and empowerment of communities in activities that reduce or eliminate the negative impact of sargassum invasions on the environment.

SOS Carbon, which has already expanded its services to Antigua and Barbuda and Mexico, always committed to the tourism sector, works hand in hand with major groups to ensure a #SargazoFree ecosystem and tourism. With the collaboration of the British Embassy, Terra & Marre Foundation, and leading tourism groups in the region, it is hoped that this work will continue to expand throughout the Caribbean in the mission to support the region in adapting and mitigating climate change in a cost-effective manner while generating new industries and new jobs.


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