Constanceros look to tourism to diversify agriculture

We must look for alternatives, and it seems to me that tourism is one of them, because of the great richness of the microclimates of Constanta”.

The florist Teruki Waki is one of the first 30 Japanese families who settled in Constanza in the 1950s to work in agriculture. However, high costs and low profitability are among the reasons that keep only two families from this community working in this sector.

Both he and the Constanceros producers now see tourism as an opportunity to enrich the agricultural activity or as an option for those who want to explore a different, but closely related, economic segment.

“The high costs and low competitiveness with imported products is currently leaving more losses to farmers, despite all the sacrifice that is made. Alternatives must be sought, and it seems to me that tourism is it, because of the great richness of Constanza’s microclimates.”

He explained that, although they continue selling flowers, his children are inclined towards tourism and the family hopes to carry out some project related to this activity in the future.

The farmer was one of the participants in the launching of the ecotourism guide of Constanza, a compendium that summarizes, in 98 pages, the main natural, historical and cultural attractions of this municipality. The initiative was carried out by the Ecotourism Cluster of Constanza, the Ministry of Tourism and the Sarma Group.

Can tourism promotion compete with agriculture? This modality inserts the first activity of man within the tourism value chain, forming a complement that allows to push even more its development, commented on the matter the Vice Minister of Cooperation of the Ministry of Tourism, Carlos Peguero.

He explained that this represents an expansion for tourism, which he considered one of the main aspects for economic recovery during 2021, with a 30% growth compared to the pandemic year (2020). “Seeing this growth niche, the Ministry sees that we must continue to promote the development of domestic tourism,” he said.

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