Fitur focuses its strategy on sustainable tourism business

This edition equals the record participation of companies and professionals of 2020.

The organizers of the 43rd edition of the Madrid International Tourism Fair (Fitur) are clear about what this global appointment represents and means in a context of economic recovery after the pandemic of covid-2019.

According to a document posted on Ifema Madrid’s official website, this year’s event has a solid business orientation.

However, there is a definite line that sustainable development, in its economic, social and environmental axes, is the guiding thread of the great proposals of companies and destinations. This is where the Dominican Republic comes into the picture through the promotion of environmentally sustainable destinations, as is the case with Pedernales, Miches and other projects promoted by the Ministry of Tourism.

“We go to this Fair with the commitment to continue working tirelessly and with transparency to continue in 2023 the same pace of growth that we had in 2022 and that European visitors and investors see in the Dominican Republic the ideal destination in the Caribbean,” said Minister David Collado before boarding the plane that brought him to Madrid.

In fact, Ifema Madrid stresses that special attention will be paid to innovation and all those cutting-edge contents that will mark the development of the sector.

The numbers expected for this edition are promising: 120,000 professionals and between 80,000 and 90,000 visitors from the general public. This means a 32% increase compared to the 2022 event and a 50% increase in international participation.

The data confirms a significant growth of the fair, managing to match the figures of pre-pandemic occupancy area of its record year (2020) and aligning itself with the momentum that national and international tourism is gaining.

A total of 8,500 participating companies, 131 countries, 755 exhibitors and 66,900 square meters of exhibition space define this edition, which will mean revenues of more than 400 million euros for Madrid, according to its organizers. Guatemala is the partner country on this occasion.

With these figures, Fitur comes to consolidate the strong recovery of the international tourism activity, marking the path as the first fair in the international tourism calendar.

The stage is set for January 18-22, Fitur 2023, organized by Ifema Madrid, to hold a powerful edition aligned with the global growth of this activity in Spain and the world, and with the support that represents, once again, the involvement of all public and private agents in the value chain of the tourism industry.IFEMA

The president of Ifema Madrid, José Vicente de los Mozos, maintains that Fitur has been the only major tourism fair in the world that has managed to hold its meetings every year without interruption, even during the pandemic.

“Now is the time to continue taking firm steps to underpin that growth. And Fitur 2023 will undoubtedly consolidate the strong recovery of international tourism activity. Thus, the fair once again intends to continue providing value, wealth and resources to attract quality tourism,” he said.

Regarding the importance of this fair, the president of Iberia and of the Fitur Organizing Committee, Javier Sánchez-Prieto, expressed his gratitude to Ifema Madrid, on behalf of the entire tourism sector, for its commitment throughout the years of the pandemic, which were undoubtedly decisive in the reactivation of the industry, and for the great work carried out to set up this eagerly awaited edition of Fitur, which, now without restrictions on mobility and connectivity, is once again showing its solidity with participation and occupancy parameters at practically the same level as its best editions before the pandemic.

The director of Turespaña, Miguel Sanz, showed his optimism by indicating that 2022 was the year of tourism recovery. “We are going to recover around 86% of the visitors and 94% of the tourist expenditure that was accounted for in 2019, with a higher quality tourism, with higher average expenditure and more deseasonalized,” he expressed.


Ifema Madrid highlights that if anything characterizes this edition of Fitur is its vigorous growth, which has been felt in all parameters, being especially relevant in the exhibition area that equals its best edition in record size of 2022, with eight full pavilions, as well as the direct participation of stand holders (755) that grows by 32% compared to the last edition and up to 50% in terms of international participation.

In terms of international participation, and by geographical area, there was also significant growth compared to the last edition of the fair.

This year, Asia Pacific stands out, with a 163% increase in the number of participating companies; the Middle East, 60%; Africa, 88%; Europe, 42%; and the Americas, 30%. These increases are also reflected in the international exhibition space, with Africa increasing by 146%, Asia by 78%, the Middle East by 437% and Europe by 32%.

Business participation also experienced a significant increase, with 25% more tourism companies, highlighting 27% more technology companies, which increased their exhibition area by up to 50%.


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