Indrhi and Instituto Agrario Dominicano start handing over settlements

The executive director of the National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (Indrhi), Olmedo Caba Romano, received the general director of the Dominican Agrarian Institute (IAD), Francisco Guillermo García, for a working meeting to coordinate the allocation of agrarian settlements to community members impacted by the construction of the Monte Grande Dam Multiple Project.

These settlements will be delivered to producers whose lands are located in the project area, so that within the framework of a fair distribution, not only national food security is strengthened, but also the economy in the area.

This was stated by Caba Romano during the meeting, where he explained that the water agency has the list of the producers who last February were already given their houses with basic services and that soon each family of farmers will receive 30 tareas which will have pressurized irrigation and technical assistance in Guanarate, as well as in Tamayo and 10 other localities around the dam; with property titles prepared by the IAD, as has been agreed with community leaders in various meetings.

In this regard, Francisco Guillermo García of the IAD, added that the pertinent legal and environmental process is being exhausted prior to the delivery of an economic settlement, due to the fact that the amount of land in the surroundings is limited, for which reason they had to acquire private land, which has entailed a time-consuming process.

Meanwhile, Juan Fulvio Ureña, Indrhi’s environmental advisor, explained that the distribution will be carried out in two stages; in the first phase, for the first settlement, 1,080 tareas were acquired from a private farm and they recovered around 2,600 additional tareas owned by the State, and that the second phase contemplates 5,000 tareas identified by the IAD.

He also indicated that there are plans to increase the productive dynamism with the delivery of plots to “those who have a vocation to work the land, but for economic reasons did not own land; they will be inserted in the work through the survey to be carried out by the IAD”.

It should be noted that this Monte Grande Multiple Project contemplates among its benefits the irrigation of more than 300,000 tareas which are not currently cultivated, the control of floods generated by the Yaque del Sur River in its lower basin, the supply of the Southwest Regional Aqueduct (Asuro) and the generation of hydroelectric power.

At the meeting, held at the Indrhi headquarters, the IAD director was accompanied by Manuel Mateo, in charge of Land Capture, and Julio César González, in charge of Land Distribution.

Indrhi’s Carlos Javier, from the Project Executing Unit, Juan Carlos Nova, Director of Irrigation Systems Operations, and Luis Cuevas, from the Irrigation Systems Division, and María Dileidy Pérez, from the Environmental Management Department, participated in the meeting.


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