Innovation center announced in Punta Bergantín tourism

Highlights construction of 3,000 hotel rooms in Miches and commitment to job creation

President Luis Abinader revealed that the Punta Bergantín tourism project, to be developed in Puerto Plata, will have an innovative innovation center where technology companies, national and international universities will converge, which will be able to settle and have all the facilities to develop their products and services.

“The innovation center will be in the Punta Bergantín project, although it took us a little time to design, but we have already done it together with film studios with Vin Diesel and a real estate development, it is perhaps the most important innovative integral tourist film development in Central America,” said the president.

He highlighted the enthusiasm of Dominican and foreign businessmen to continue investing in tourism in the country.

He said that with the achievements of the government in tourism and the participation in events where investment for the country is encouraged, he seeks to impact the quality of life of the people through job creation.

The governor highlighted the social and economic impact that Punta Bergantín will have for the country to continue to catapult tourism and become a preferred destination for tourism linked to the international film industry.Punta Bergantín

“There is great enthusiasm for investment, to create new jobs, Miches is in the process of project and construction of about three thousand rooms, imagine what each room means 1.4 jobs and each direct job is 3 indirect jobs those are jobs for Miches, jobs for El Seibo, so we are promoting the Punta Bergantin project in Puerto Plata, develop more jobs for the region; we what we are looking for here is economic and social development and create jobs for our people,” he said.

In his participation in the Caribbean Hotel Investment Conference & Operations Summit (CHICOS), the president affirmed that the legal security offered by the country is also one of the reasons why many investors put their trust in the Dominican Republic when it comes to investing.

He also affirmed that the promotion of permanent collaboration between the State and the country’s productive and economic sectors, through public-private partnerships, is of vital importance for growth and development.

He considered that these alliances are being able to take on many of the plans and projects of the Dominican State that had been stalled for years for different reasons for their execution.

Abinader offered this information when interviewed by Moisés González of the digital newspaper Despertar Nacional.


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