Minister of Tourism intensifies promotion of the country in the U.S.

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, intensified his promotional efforts to ensure that more foreign visitors continue to come to the Dominican Republic, by leading the seventh day of the DRTOURs, which was attended by more than 300 tour operators and travel agencies in the area.

During his visit to Houston, Texas, United States, Minister Collado also held meetings with Airlines, Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Travel Agency Associations, among other players in the tourism sector.

“We guarantee you a unique experience when visiting the Dominican Republic. Our commitment is to provide safety and well-being in every sense of the word,” said the minister.

These meetings identify marketing opportunities, opening of new routes, direct marketing campaigns to visitors, intensification of existing routes, among other initiatives.

The state of Texas has been considered of interest for the growth of tourism in the Dominican Republic for occupying third place in all travel bookings made to leave the United States during 2022 with 9% of the total volume booked.

Since August of last year, the Ministry of Tourism initiated, with an innovative and close style, promotional visits to important cities for tourism in the country and the region, in order to reconnect with the leaders of the tourism industry in different markets.

These events, known as DR Tourism Roadshows (DR TOURS), constitute a new style of promotion and positioning of Dominican tourism. At each Roadshow, attendees have first-hand access to the most relevant information about the Dominican Republic and the recovery of tourism, as well as a broad and diverse presentation of the offer in all Dominican destinations.

They are part of the new Dominican tourism management strategy and seek to connect, relaunch and continue positioning the Dominican Republic as a leading tourist destination in the region.

The Minister of Tourism has already held six DR TOURS since August 2021 in the United States in the cities of New York, Miami, Orlando, Atlanta, Chicago and Texas.

The most recent event was held in the city of Madrid, taking advantage of the FITUR Fair and the attendance of agencies from all over Europe. The initiative also includes meetings with key partners in different cities to establish short- and medium-term strategies to further increase tourist arrivals and position the Dominican Republic as a destination in different segments.

To date, these events have had an impact on more than two thousand tour operators and travel agencies in the United States and Spain.

“This relationship is then intensified with training and marketing activities for these agencies, as part of an intelligent, efficient and timely marketing and positioning strategy,” said Minister Collado.



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