President Abinader launches Santo Domingo 2050 initiative

President Abinader launches Santo Domingo 2050 initiative; the largest provincial land use planning strategy in the DR

President Luis Abinader led this Sunday the launching of the Santo Domingo 2050 Initiative, the largest provincial strategy for land management, planning and sustainable development in the Dominican Republic.

The objective of this initiative is to counteract the concentrated population rate of the province of Santo Domingo, the highest in the country and one of the highest in the entire insular and continental Caribbean region, as well as to seek a solution to the chaos in vehicular traffic.

It will impact seven municipalities: Santo Domingo East, Pedro Brand, San Antonio de Guerra, Santo Domingo West, Bajos de Haina, Los Alcarrizos and Santo Domingo North.

The President said that “Santo Domingo 2050 seeks to safeguard, organize and guarantee the quality of life of the citizens, generate jobs, plan in a strategic and multidisciplinary manner to favor social, economic, cultural and environmental development”.

He pointed out that in this province there are soils with inadequate use, underutilized and without controls, for which reason it is sought to protect them all along the Circunvalación and to build a great industrial corridor, with services, residential and recreational spaces, public administration, health, educational and cultural centers.

The President added that this plan will include “the largest planned investment ever made in this province, converting 91 million square meters into concrete growth opportunities”.

In addition, it will generate thousands of jobs for the people.Luis Abinader Iniciativa Santo Domingo

The initiative includes:

The promotion of investments for the construction of housing complexes and residential areas, art centers, theater, libraries, recording and film studios, hotels, bar areas and spaces for large concerts that will energize the creative industries and the orange economy.

Similarly, it will promote the creation of an aquatic complex in harmony with the ecosystem of the Ozama, Isabela and Higüero rivers, as well as the transformation of large waste dumps into green spaces, accompanied by the generation of clean energy whose capacity can supply the entire corridor.

It also seeks to make possible an agricultural complex for sustainable and organized production, with diversified crops, stables, processing plants and product markets.

Sports parks with possibilities for all disciplines and parks open to the community, including recreational offers such as coffee, cacao and cassava trails.

Industrial centers that will generate jobs in specific areas for heavy, light and technological industries, as well as free trade zones and business areas. Also, a research center, specialized and technical education, to continue pushing the development of new technologies and its industry.

The project will be carried out through the Commission for the Promotion of Land Management, Planning and Sustainable Development of the Province of Santo Domingo.

This, with the intervention of at least seven ministries, four decentralized agencies, the mayor’s offices of each municipality in the province of Santo Domingo, the business sector, MSMEs, representatives of social organizations and the active participation of the people.

Four pillars for orderly development

Meanwhile, the Minister of Economy, Pavel Isa Contreras, indicated that in this demarcation there are territories more advantaged and others with much greater deficiencies in terms of housing and basic services such as health, drinking water, sanitation and municipal services.

He pointed out that in order to achieve the correct organization of this territory, four essential points must be taken into account.

The first is the appropriate use of land for activities compatible with environmental protection. Second, to promote the location and orderly relocation of industrial and service activities.

Third, to deploy more and better public services throughout the province and not only in urban concentrations; and finally, to promote the use of collective means of transportation to avoid congestion.

Antonio Taveras, senator for the province of Santo Domingo, pointed out the need to develop a more competitive country and highlighted in this sense the great industrial potential of Santo Domingo as it includes diverse municipalities with a culture of production and a large territorial extension.

Also present were the Minister of the Presidency, Joel Santos; the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Víctor “Ito” Bisonó; the legal consultant of the Executive Branch, Antoliano Peralta; the Director of Ethics and Government Integrity, Milagros Ortiz Bosch; the Senator of the National District, Faride Raful, and the Vice-Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carlos de la Mota; among other officials and special guests.

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