Solar solution for Dominican Republic’s public lighting system presented

The proposal of the French technology Fonroche Lighting guarantees lighting all year round.

The multinational electric services company, France Energie, presented on Monday a project for a solar solution for public lighting in the Dominican Republic, which guarantees 365 nights of lighting per year.

This is an autonomous and sustainable technology, 100% French, which through a customized service, creates an outdoor lighting system with solar street lights that do not require connection to the electricity grid and guarantee savings in energy, time and money, parking lots and environment, while contributing to the preservation of the planet.

This technology is used in 70 countries in Latin America, the United States, Asia, Africa and Europe, making it the world leader in solar street lighting. It is aimed at both the business and government sectors.

Alain Conte, founding president of France Energie, the company that represents Fonroche Lighting in the country, explained that this is not a mass product, but a customized solar solution in which “we measure the last 10 years of solar radiation at the project location, using the Worst Case Scenario process, which takes the month with the worst radiation and the longest night to create the solar street lighting solution that adapts to your needs and reality, based on these parameters”.

France Energie presented its proposal in Santo Domingo and will continue this Tuesday in Santiago and on Thursday in Punta Cana.


The Fonroche street lighting solution consists of high technology, with “anti-blackout” security and no possibility of cut-off, which guarantees 365 nights of lighting per year.

In addition to intelligent technology, Fonroche uses a nickel battery, light and compact, with 100% of usable charge without deteriorating the battery and a useful life of 10 to 12 years, with a five-year warranty.

Another of its components is the Photovoltaic Module, self-cleaning with high performance, with Poly or Mono crystalline cells to optimally capture light, in any weather. It has a minimum lifetime of 30 years.

Finally, the LED luminaire, with low energy consumption, integrated thermal dissipation with a minimum 20-year lifetime and five-year warranty.

During the day, the photovoltaic module captures the sun’s energy and stores it in the battery to release it at night to power the LED block. The intelligence of POWER 365 guarantees the chosen programming.

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