The Dominican Republic receives CABEI governors

The Dominican Republic will host the LXIII Assembly of Governors of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), a meeting at which the most important decisions will be made regarding the future of the region and the population of the member countries of this credit institution.

During the assembly, which will be held on May 12 in Punta Cana, the CABEI Board of Directors will also meet toRD Recibe los Gobernadores del Banco Centroamericano define the bank’s policies and actions in favor of the country and the region.

The Dominican Republic and CABEI have an extensive portfolio of projects and initiatives in various sectors, in which they have historically worked and continue to work, benefiting thousands of Dominicans.

The bank is currently showing significant growth, which is reaffirmed in the emblem of the LXIII Assembly of Governors, which alludes to balanced environmental and social development, embodied with elements characteristic of the Dominican Republic.

CABEI in the country promotes the execution of major projects and strategic programs in the different territories that will directly benefit millions of Dominicans, seeking to generate better living conditions and development for the communities.

Among the topics to be discussed at the assembly are climate change, drinking water and basic sanitation.

Also transportation, health, decent housing, agriculture, road infrastructure, MSMEs, exports and tourism, among others.

Recently, the Japan Credit Rating Agency (JCR) confirmed CABEI’s long-term international risk rating at “AA”, with a stable outlook.


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