President of the Spanish Mint visits the Central Bank

The Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre of Spain has produced for four years the national circulation coins of the Dominican Republic after winning four award competitions, convened by the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic (BCRD) in the years 2010, 2017, 2019 and 2024.

The information was shared this Sunday by the Central Bank, in a press release in which it highlights that the president of the Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre -Real Casa de la Moneda de Madrid, of Spain, María Valldecabres, visited the central tower of the monetary authority, where she held a meeting with the governor of the BCRD, Héctor Valdez Albizu.

Banco Central RDThe document explains that it is one of the most important and advanced industries of its kind in the world, which has been the winner of the four tenders for the production of the 25, 10 and 5 peso coins used in the country.

During the meeting, the monetary authorities discussed present and future aspects related to the production of these silver and gold coins, banknotes and stamps worldwide, considering the latest advances and needs recorded in the sector, and the elements of importance for the BCRD, such as security measures and new technologies.

The Central Bank is committed to be a reference

Valdez Albizu expressed the BCRD’s interest in using the best materials and techniques in the manufacture of the coins and banknotes circulating in the Dominican Republic in order to respond to the constant work that the institution is carrying out in order to be a leader in the region in the implementation of innovations in the sector.

According to the press release, Valdez Albizu said that he will continue to strengthen its platform for greater confidence and reliability of Dominicans, with improvements in:

  • The security systems
  • Progression and improvement of the available payment methods and systems.

Valldecabres was pleased with the visit and reiterated her willingness to maintain good inter-institutional relations. She highlighted the aspects of technology and security measures for coins and banknotes.

The director of the Casa Nacional de Moneda y Timbre de España was accompanied by the ambassador of the Dominican Republic to the Kingdom of Spain, Juan Bolívar Díaz.

During the meeting, Governor Valdez Albizu was accompanied by the Vice Governor, Clarissa de la Rocha; the Manager, Ervin Novas Bello and the Deputy General Manager, Frank Montaño.

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