Álvaro Morte on his experience of recording in the DR: “I keep the wonderful people”

Spanish actor Alvaro Morte, known for his role as the “professor” in “La casa de papel”, talked about his experience of filming his upcoming series “Sin Limites” in the Dominican Republic.

“I from the Dominican Republic of course I keep the wonderful people, very close, very friendly and of course it was a pleasure to work in the Dominican Republic,” the actor told Listin Diario on the carpet of the Platinum Awards.

The leader of the most famous heist on television said that although he did not have the opportunity to go out and enjoy the country as he wanted to do, he felt very good and plans to return to tour this half-island.

The Amazon Prime series, which premieres next June, was filmed specifically in Las Terrenas.

His new role: Juan Sebastian Elcano, the Spanish sailor who led the expedition captained by Ferdinand Magellan that set sail from Cadiz, Spain, in August 1519 to sail around the world.

The cast of the TV series, directed by British director Simon West, is completed by Rodrigo Santoro (Magellan), Sergio Peris-Mencheta (Captain Cartagena), Adrián Lastra (Captain Mendoza), Carlos Cuevas (Martino), Pepón Nieto (Father Bartolomé), Raúl Tejón (Gómez de Espinosa), Gonçalo Diniz (Duarte Barbosa), Manuel Morón (Cardinal Fonseca) and Bárbara Goenaga (Beatriz).


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