2nd version of the Plantain Festival is celebrated in Barahona

This fair took place on July 30 and 31, and constituted a significant contribution to the economic advancement of the province of Barahona and the southern region.

With the objective of promoting tourism, cultural, gastronomic and agricultural development, the second version of the Barahona Banana Festival 2022 was held with the slogan “Celebrating what is ours”, with the support of the Ministry of Tourism (MITUR).

Estarlin Vargas, general director of the plantain festival said that this event aims to attract investors to the fields of Barahona for its great tourist, agricultural and gastronomic attractions, in addition to being recognized nationally and internationally as the province that has the best banana in the country.

Also, it seeks to promote agriculture, tourism, with its beautiful beaches and biodiversity of the region, achieving boost the economy of the province in order to open new paths in each sector, boosting its potential to continue achieving a collective development.

The event was enlivened by musicians and dancers of the Folkloric Ballet of the Ministry of Tourism, to the rhythm of the contagious typical merengues, such as “El Farolito, La Mala Maña, Baila en la Calle and Caña Brava”, among others.

The mayor of the province of Barahona, Milton Emilio Fernández, said that during this second stage, the plantain festival has been growing positively at the national level, with the support of several public and private institutions and now it will be known internationally in the coming events.

He indicated that the Bride of the Caribbean, as the province of Barahona is also known, is characterized by bringing this popular product to every Dominican home and the world through our delicious cuisine and with it boost the country’s economy.

“Farmers and agronomists must prepare the land, because of the great demand that will be seen in this region by the development that is coming in the tourist and cultural area, which must be accompanied by a good agricultural system so that we are able to meet the demand that will come in the Enriquillo region,” said Fernandez.

This 2022 version of the festival, was attended by plantain producers, and other entrepreneurs and artisans who exhibited their products, in addition, there were talks, presentation of documentaries, gastronomic tasting and artistic participations, among other activities. The fair was dedicated to Limber Cruz López, Minister of Agriculture.

This fair took place on July 30 and 31, and constituted a significant contribution to the economic progress of the province of Barahona and the southern region, since it shows the agricultural, cultural, gastronomic development and at the same time shows Barahona and its municipalities as a tourist destination both nationally and internationally.


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