Dominican Republic goes for the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS Bachata record

The GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS record title of The World’s Largest Bachata Dance has been held by Poland since June 8, 2019 with 480 couples The event will be broadcast on December 11 at 5 p.m. live on Telesistema 11 from the Malecón in Santo Domingo.

With the support of the Mayor’s Office of the National District and the Ministry of Culture, renowned producer Alberto Zayas broke the news that the Dominican Republic will go after “Un Récord pa’ la Bachata”, next December 11, 2021, an event that goes after the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title of the largest bachata dance in the world.

Bachata, music that has already become a universal feeling, declared by UNESCO “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”, is of Dominican blood, and is born from the feeling of our stories, that is why all Dominicans will unite to bring this GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS record title where it belongs.

At a press conference held at the Fray Antón de Montesinos Monument located on the Malecón in Santo Domingo, Zayas said that the goal of this country brand event is to bring back joy, promote unity and further exalt our country, and for that we have to beat the record held by Poland since June 8, 2019 with 480 couples.

On her side and visibly excited, Carolina Mejia, mayor of the city of Santo Domingo said, “As mayor of the city, we support this event, and we are confident that on December 11 we will take that record with more than 500 couples dancing on our Malecon, a historic event in which the whole country will dance at the same pace our rhythm.

Meanwhile, through an audiovisual presentation, the Minister of Culture, Mrs. Carmen Heredia de Guerrero, emphasized that: “On behalf of the Ministry of Culture, we offer our most sincere support to “A Guinness Record for Bachata”, the title held by the event that brings together the largest number of couples dancing synchronized to this distinctive and native rhythm of the Dominican Republic, declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

The goal is to achieve something great together: to promote bachata by concentrating the largest number of dancers passionate about this rhythm, which, let’s not forget, is one of the tourist attractions we have, which will also serve to attract worldwide attention to our country and thus demonstrate the joy and enthusiasm that characterizes us. Together we are going to break this record, we are waiting for you!”

During the press conference attended by the media, sponsors and personalities from the cultural field, producer and director Alberto Zayas emphasized that for this event all biosecurity measures will be taken to safeguard the integrity and health of all participants and those involved in the project.

At the same time, he thanked all the people and institutions that have placed their trust in this project, and invited the Dominican people to share all the incidents that will be shown on the official networks of the Record, where the various calls for entries will be announced as part of the process that begins now, and that will result in the final “Un Récord pa’ la Bachata”.

“We want all those passionate about bachata to unite to do something great together. With this event we continue to promote bachata, a rhythm that distinguishes us and highlights our culture and national pride,” concluded Zayas.

“Un Record pa’ la Bachata” is announced for December 11 at 5:00 p.m. live on Telesistema 11, and soon will begin the nationwide calls for couples, dance schools, who will form and achieve the title of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS record for the largest bachata dance in the world.


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