President of ASONAHORES values success of tourism

The president of the Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic (ASONAHORES), valued the success achieved in the Dominican tourism industry with the coordinated action of the government and private enterprise, and suggested that the Tourism Cabinet, which has been created for this strategy, promote a development plan to maintain and increase the successes achieved in the sector.

David Llibre spoke yesterday at the press conference in which the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, reported that in the first quarter of 2023, more than two million visitors arrived in the country, and presented the successful results reported by the tourism activity in the month of March and the promising projections for 2023.

At the meeting, which was attended by dozens of journalists, representatives of private entities related to the tourism sector and state institutions with an impact on this activity, Minister Collado asked to recognize with a standing ovation Héctor Valdez Albizu, governor of the Central Bank, in whose auditorium, at a full house, the activity took place.

“Let us continue adding together, repeating the good moves, thinking together about today, and above all planning for tomorrow to maintain and increase the achievements of which we are all proud, because they are reflected in the functioning of our society and our economy. Let us repeat what has given us success,” said Llibre.

For me it is an honor, said Llibre, to be here celebrating another month of record numbers in tourist arrivals to the Dominican Republic. “Today we can say that these achievements are not the results of an act of magic or chance. No. We did it because of the wise decision to add the power of the State, the experience of the hotel companies and the wise policy of a style of conducting major public affairs that adds the government and the private sector.”David LlibreDavid LlibreDavid LlibreDavid LlibreDavid Llibre

He highlighted Collado’s initiatives, and explained that this conjunction is necessary because in tourism, the State approves the most convenient rules of the game, and the businessmen “contribute with the experience to organize the tourist business, which the facts have demonstrated, once again, that it is the most dynamic engine of the Dominican economy”.

The successes, Llibre pointed out, are accumulating month after month: “More flights, more cruises, more tourists, more investments. Together, government and private sector, we have placed the Dominican Republic in the center of world attention”.

He said that today “we have a more sustainable tourism, more diversified, more inclusive, definitely with great challenges to continue advancing, but we know that together we will continue to do the work that suits the country. Let’s keep the formula for success which is a Tourism Cabinet headed by the President of the Republic, and coordinated by our diligent Minister of Tourism and his team”.

He considered it a success to have “a table in which all the actors of the State with incidence in tourism participate in the decisions, and those of us who represent the companies of the private sector that work every day to make tourism work”.



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