Caasd carries out simultaneous gully cleaning day in GSD

The general director of the Santo Domingo Water and Sewage Corporation (Caasd), Felipe “Fellito” Suberví, headed a simultaneous day of gully cleaning in sectors of the National District and the province, which counted with the participation of hundreds of collaborators of the institution.

Suberví pointed out that the traditional operation, which has been carried out since the beginning of his term at the head of Caasd, has the objective of avoiding the spread of diseases, in addition to reducing the levels of contamination in the most vulnerable areas.

In this regard, he explained that the ravines intervened were Palma Real, in Los Girasoles, Distrito Nacional; Los Somitos in Los Guarícanos, Santo Domingo Norte; Arroyo Bonito, in San Miguel de Manoguayabo, Santo Domingo Oeste, and Saturnino in San Luis, Santo Domingo Este.

“Every year we bring this important solution for the benefit of the communities; we continue to advance and improve the quality of life of our people”, highlighted the official.

Referring to the sanitation works of the tributaries intervened in Greater Santo Domingo, he highlighted the progress in the different projects that will bring solutions to hundreds of families, as well as the environmental impact on their surroundings. Fellito Suberví indicated that of the 42 kilometers being executed, 12.5 have already been delivered to the different communities.

He said that the influence of the weather has affected some of the work, which has delayed the delivery of infrastructures that are in their last phase.

In another order, the CAASD director affirmed that water production remains stable, while guaranteeing the population the precious liquid during the holidays.

He also called for prudence and reminded the citizens that the reason for the celebrations is the birth of the Child Jesus, for which he asked for peace, love, understanding and tolerance.


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