Ceara Hatton praises efforts of environmental NGOs

Environment Minister Miguel Ceara Hatton on Thursday valued the efforts of civil society organizations linked to the protection of natural resources and protected areas in the RD.

“I was telling my environmentalist friends that we have the same strategic objectives”, with “different tactics, but complementary”, said Ceara Hatton, during a television interview on a local channel.

Ceara Hatton referred to a meeting he held on Wednesday with representatives of the Coalition for the Protection of Protected Areas, with the objective of defining actions for the formalization of the creation of the observatory in which civil society and the Government will work in favor of the spaces that must be preserved by law.

Participants and topic of the meeting

The meeting, which took place in the Multipurpose Room of the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, dealt with the creation of the team that will create the work plan with the next actions. Among the participants were several officials, as well as ecologists Luis Carvajal, Eleuterio Martínez, Yvonne Arias, Nelson Pimentel, Ceara Hatton Protección AmbientalEladia Gesto, Eduardo Rodríguez and Nelson Batista.

“We have the same objectives, there is no doubt in my mind. Now, we have different tactics, because we are in different trenches. Because we are the Government and our battlefield is with the Government and society”, said Ceara Hatton, who recalled that “this Government has placed great emphasis on citizen power”.

Ceara Hatton highlighted that the Environment is renewing various monitoring and surveillance infrastructures in 23 protected areas of the country.

“We are currently intervening in 23 protected areas. We are building 26 booths, three watchtowers and 57 renovations of various infrastructures in all protected areas,” he said.

He recalled that the RD is working to achieve the goal of conservation and protection of 30% of the land and sea surface, according to the Global Framework for Biodiversity, which seeks to preserve natural resources and mitigate climate change impacts.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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