Award in honor of María Cristina Camilo to be created

At the last Soberano Awards, veteran actress and broadcaster María Cristina Camilo was recognized for her career in the performing arts, an award that, although deserved, did not satisfy the Dominican people who demanded “El Gran Soberano” for the artist of more than 100 years.

In this context, Imaginativa, the platform for innovation and new talents that celebrates “Television Week” announced that it will be creating, together with a team of more than 250 talents, a special award in honor of her.

According to a press release, the award will be created by young people who dream of being part of television and radio and who were winners of a casting that was held for a period of two months.

These talents will be working together with the Imaginativa team, in the creation of this award in honor of a woman who is a legend of Dominican television and who as a broadcaster, actress and producer, built a legacy in the history of the media in the Dominican Republic.

She was responsible for opening the first television broadcast on August 1, 1952 and today, at 103 years old, she still gives us her smile and her slow voice full of wisdom.

In the first work session on this idea she told us: “We are creating an award that according to Edilenia should have my name, and I accept the idea with humility and joy and that it should be with Imaginativa and together with new talents, it is the most special emotion that I can experience at this moment of my life”, said Mrs. Maria Cristina.

The ideas for this award and its categories will be developed during the training that the talents will receive during Imaginativa’s workshops in the coming months.

The young people involved will have the honor of being part of the creation of an idea and turn it into reality, but above all, pay tribute to a woman who like them was a dreamer and today gives us an example of work with high levels of discipline, dedication and excellence.


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