Cancun hoteliers show interest in Pedernales

A delegation of 20 Mexican investors has been in the country since last Sunday to learn in detail about the Pedernales Tourism Development Project and the investment opportunities it offers under the public-private partnership modality.

The businessmen, accompanied by the executive director of the General Directorate of Public-Private Partnerships (DGAPP), Sigmund Freund, the Mexican ambassador to the Dominican Republic, Carlos Peñafiel Soto, the executive director of the Airport Department, Víctor Pichardo and other officials of the DGAPP, visited the Cabo Rojo area to see the sites where, in the first stage, 3,000 hotel rooms, an international airport and various infrastructure and service works will be built.

In addition, the group of Mexican investors flew over the areas where the hotel infrastructure is expected to be built, which in 10 years will have an estimated 12,000 rooms, and took a boat trip to Bahía de las Águilas, where they were impressed with the beauty of its white sand beaches and the marvelous view of its turquoise blue sea.

This group of investors was composed of airport infrastructure developers, experts in project management and supervision, energy entrepreneurs, real estate leaders, hotel and real estate operators, companies specializing in parking facilities, shopping malls, hospitality and group accommodations, as well as architectural design of luxury resorts.

The delegation also included entrepreneurs dedicated to real estate development, the vacation club and cruise ship industry, among other areas essential for the development of the tourism infrastructure of the Pedernales destination. All these companies have wide recognition in Mexico for their projects in emblematic tourist areas of Mexico such as Cancun, the Mayan Riviera and also in the United States and South America.

The businessmen learned in detail about the Pedernales Tourism Development Project, where they were explained its roadmap and the investment opportunities under the PRO PEDERNALES trust.

The executive director of the DGAPP, Sigmund Freund was pleased with the visit of the investors and indicated that most of them are founders of the tourist destination of Cancun in Mexico and have important hotel investments in this destination.

“In addition to the interest they may show in investing, they are also here to recommend and advise us on the best way to develop this destination,” said Sigmund Freund, who was accompanied by the Mexican ambassador in the country, Carlos Peñafiel Soto, and the Dominican ambassador in Mexico, María Isabel Castillo.

Freund emphasized that this is the first group to visit the area after the creation of the PRO PEDERNALES Trust Fund and the structuring of the Development Plan as a PPP project.

He reiterated that this year the start of construction of the first works in Cabo Rojo will be a reality.

The Mexican Ambassador, Carlos Peñafiel Soto, emphasized that this is the first time he has visited Pedernales and thanked the DGAPP Executive Director for his invitation. He emphasized the spirit that exists among Mexican businessmen to generate public-private alliances and the confidence they have in the country.

He emphasized that Mexico has become the second country with the highest flow of foreign investment in the Dominican Republic, surpassing Spanish and Canadian investment. “This speaks of the great empathy, the affection, the great harmony that exists between our peoples and between our investors,” said the diplomat.

He reiterated that Mexican capital has great confidence in the Dominican Government, that there is great certainty for investments and that, in Pedernales, Dominican Republic has a “small paradise”.

The executive director of the Airport Department, Víctor Pichardo, and the project’s advisors offered the investors technical details about the terrain of the construction of the international airport that is contemplated.

The visit of the Mexican businessmen concluded with a tour of the streets of the town of Pedernal, where local authorities talked about the potential of the province for tourism.


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