There will be regular flights between Buenos Aires and DR

This measure will provide a new air transportation option for passengers and will promote the development of the tourism sector.

The National Civil Aviation Administration of Argentina (ANAC) through Resolution 447/2023 published in the Official Gazette, authorized the flag carrier of the Dominican Republic, ARAJET Sociedad Anónima (S.A.), to operate international scheduled air transport services of passengers, cargo and mail on the route between Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, and Buenos Aires, Argentina, using large aircraft.

The authorization is framed in the Minutes of the Consultation Meeting dated December 6, 2006 and in the Memorandum of Understanding between the Dominican Republic and the Argentine Republic signed in Bogota on December 6, 2021, which constitute the bilateral framework that governs the aerocommercial relations between both countries.

The company ARAJET S.A. was designated by the Aeronautical Authority of the Dominican Republic to perform scheduled services to the Argentine territory, thus complying with the requirements established in the bilateral framework.

The resolution issued by the ANAC highlights that the company accredited the legal and administrative requirements demanded by the regulations in force to carry out the required services, which was decisive for the authorization granted.

Aspects of the resolution

One of the most important aspects of the resolution is that the frequencies and type of flight equipment to be used are not specified, being these aspects subject to the limitations imposed by the carrier’s flag authority according to the bilateral agreement.

The company ARAJET S.A. shall operate its services in strict compliance with what has been agreed in the applicable bilateral framework on Air Transport, as well as with the laws and other national and international regulations in force. In addition, it shall comply with the authorizations, designations and frequency assignments made by the Government of its country and shall respect the reciprocity of treatment conditions with the flag companies of the Argentine Republic that request similar services in Dominican territory.

Prior to the beginning of its operations, the company must submit to the consideration of the ANAC the tariffs to be applied, legal insurance, on board books and complaints for its qualification, as well as any modification in the commercial capacity of its aircrafts and its insurances. It must also submit the operational documentation of the aircraft to be used in the provision of the authorized services.

ARAJET S.A. must comply with statistical requirements established by ANAC and is prohibited from marketing and/or promoting the authorized air transportation services until the corresponding schedule is approved.

With this authorization, a new air transport route is opened between the Dominican Republic and Argentina, which will allow greater connectivity and facilitate the exchange of passengers, cargo and mail between both countries. This measure seeks to strengthen aerocommercial relations and open new opportunities for tourism and bilateral trade.

The company ARAJET S.A. must comply with all the provisions set forth in the resolution and with all the rules and regulations in force to guarantee the safety and efficiency of the air services provided in the authorized route.


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