Santiago de los Caballeros has an exquisite gastronomy

If you visit the beautiful province of Santiago and do not stop to taste and be part of the varied gastronomy it has, probably your trip has not been one hundred percent worth it. That is why, when you are there, we recommend you some typical and very characteristic dishes of the city Corazón.

In each dish they offer you, they have a mixture of flavor and culture at the same time; one of them is the Guanimo, a dish inherited from the Tainos who lived in that area and today left that gastronomic legacy. It is wrapped in a corn husk, then tied very tightly so that no water gets into it when boiling.

Another dish that is served a lot in that region is the famous chambre; made of a broth of legumes, rice, meat, vegetables and tubers, forming a complete and very comforting meal.


One that you surely already know is the famous Yaroa, more aimed at fast food lovers. In its preparation are present minced meat, it can be chicken or other, sauce and cheese. Many people love it and it is like an explosion of flavors for the palate.

To close these culinary stops we bring you a place that will catch your attention and will be one of your favorites, it is Gallo Pelón, a place where you can enjoy a menu accompanied by refreshing and delicious craft beers brewed in the same place such as ”La chica de al lado”, a blonde and soft beer and Santiago de noche with nuts and candy flavor.

Gallo Pelón

Visit this province that not only surrounds you with its culture, history and cleanliness. Santiago has much more to offer you and part of that is its ample gastronomy, full of flavor and heritage of our ancestors.

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