DR scores well on Economic Forum indicators

President Luis Abinader informed this Monday that the DR is in the group of countries with stable economies and high growth levels, according to a new report of the World Economic Forum.

The president also launched the citizen audit program called ChequéameTú, with which the population will be able to check the government, while creating trust and transparency.

These declarations were offered by the President during LA Semanal with the press, a meeting which this time was held in San Francisco de Macoris.

The head of state said that the World Economic Forum published its new report on the future of economic growth and that it presents the global tendencies of 107 countries.

“This work presents 84 indicators that measure sustainability, resilience, inclusion and innovation in the growth paths of the economies evaluated,” the governor stressed.

When listing some indicators of the report such as the control of corruption, it states that there was an improvement of 24.0 %, since in 2019 it was at 33.22, while in 2023 it was achieved 41.21.

Regarding knowledge-intensive employment, the president pointed out that there was an improvement of 17.5 %, citing that in 2019 it was 43.06 and in 2023 it was 50.58.

Regarding international trade openness, the indicators say it is at 15.4 %. In 2019 it was 27.90 and in 2023 it was 32.20.

On the legitimacy of the State, he pointed out that it improved by 15.0 %, being in 2019 at 40.00 and in 2023 at 46.00.

When talking about the indicator of social polarization on political issues, he explained that there was an improvement of 14.2 %,since in 2019 it was 29.18, while in 2023 it was 33.33.

In renewable energy consumption, there was an advance with an improvement of 12.1 %. In 2019 it was 14.89 and in 2023 it was 16.69.

Likewise, in bureaucracy and corruption, the head of state said that the report determined an improvement of 11.78 %, being in 2019 of 41.42 and in 2023 of 46.30.

In terms of independence of justice there was an 8.6 % advance, since in 2019 it was 38.12 and in 2023 it was 41.38.

Speaking about the results of the report regarding the quality of the police, he said that this reveals an improvement of 8.0 %, since in 2019 it was 45.20, and already by 2023 it was 48.81.

When talking about the issue of people using the internet, there was an improvement of 6.9 %, being in 2019 of 79.72 and in 2023 of 85.24.


Regarding this new program, President Luis Abinader affirmed that what is sought is that there be a social audit of all sectors.

He explained that, in order to make it more direct, Chequéame Tú has been created, with which, he assured, the indicators that most interest the people will be extracted.

“With this program, the population will be able to check their government. We want the population to be attentive, since the Government has nothing to hide”, said the President.

Milagros Ortiz

The Director of Ethics and Government Integrity, Milagros Ortiz Bosch, assured that ChequeámeTú will be a fundamental pillar in the construction of citizen confidence, as established by Law 200-04 on the right to information.

“With 53,931 questions and 52,321 answers, a fruitful dialogue has been established between the Government and society, strengthening trust and promoting transparency,” said Ortiz Bosch.

He noted that President Luis Abinader recognized the importance of maintaining regulatory compliance. This commitment led to the need to monitor the right to information, resulting in the opening of new access to information offices, trainings and visits to ensure government transparency.

Carlos Pimentel

Meanwhile, the general director of Public Contracting, Carlos Pimentel, expressed that this program will promote oversight with truthful and accurate data, disclosing information in real time. “Quality information that interests the people will be shared”.

The ChequéameTú program will show how much is spent on fuel subsidies, collections for customs offenses, procurement processes and requests for information, among other data.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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