DR agreement with Aerodom: revenues 17,348 million

In January 2024, the Central Government recorded revenues of 17,348.0 million pesos as a result of the renegotiation of the concession contract with Aeropuertos Dominicanos Siglo XXI (Aerodom) to extend from 2030 to 2060 its administration of six state-owned air terminals.

The amount had a positive impact on the public accounts for that month. It is equivalent to 37.2% of the 46,693.8 million pesos budgeted for the whole of 2024, as a concept of the initial payment or canon to the State for the right of operation, for the extended term of the concession.

Aerodom funds contributed

According to Diario Libre, economist Nelson Suarez pointed out that the Aerodom funds contributed to attenuate the budget deficit in January and to cover 14.9% of the expenses accrued by the Central Government in that month.

Acuerdo AerodomAn addendum derived from the renegotiation last year of the concession contract to Aerodom, which also contemplates a greater participation of the State in the benefits, was approved to the then General State Budget Bill for 2024. This includes an initial payment or royalty to the State of 775 million dollars or 46,693.8 million pesos this year.

With the resources, the total estimated income of the Central Government for 2024 rose to 1,187,374.4 million pesos, having received last January 116,172.8 million pesos, for 9.8%, as recorded in the monthly report of budget execution for the first month of the year published by the General Budget Directorate (DGP).

With the resources to be contributed by Aerodom, the government has committed to develop the asphalting of roads in La Caleta, Boca Chica, around the Las Americas Airport (AILA) and in Greater Santo Domingo and other municipalities.

Also, the expressway from the Plaza de la Bandera, the solution of the República de Colombia Avenue with Los Próceres Avenue, the drawbridge that will replace the floating bridge on the Ozama River, the construction of the bridge parallel to the Jacinto Peynado, the level crossing on the Sabana Perdida-La Victoria highway and the Traumatology Unit of San Cristóbal.

Source: Arecoa.com

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