PGA Ocean`s 4 holds golf tournament to benefit Caddies

In an effort to recognize and support the essential work of the caddies, the third edition of the Big 3 PGA Ocean’s 4 Golf Tournament was held in benefit of the caddies of the renowned golf course, located in the residential Playa Nueva Romana.

The charity tournament has become a tradition, which aims not only to promote solidarity within the golf community, but also to highlight the crucial role played by the caddies in the success of the players.

The tournament was held under the ‘Pair + Caddie Scramble’ modality and counted with the participation of more than 100 golfers, who competed in a festive atmosphere and total camaraderie, officially kicking off the Christmas season at the famous golf course.

“This tournament has become a very special activity for PGA Oceans’s 4 as it welcomes Christmas at our course and thanks the work and commitment of this group of people, who every day strive to accompany and improve the experience of the players who visit us throughout the year,” said Carlos de Linares Saez, general manager PGA Ocean’s 4.

The scratch champion team was formed by Santino Doglioli, Freddy Carvajal and Carlos Antonio de la Cruz. On the other hand, players José Miguel Tavarez, Junior Hernández and Carlos de Linares were the runners-up by Handicap.



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