Punta Bergantín becomes more active than Cabo Rojo

Punta Bergantín and Cabo Rojo are two tourism projects promoted by the Dominican government to promote two areas as disparate as Puerto Plata and the south of the country. Two developments that are born to compete with the destinations that are the epicenter of tourism in the DR, the East, and that will serve to expand and energize a growing supply and strong external demand.

Punta Bergantín was born after Pedernales, but it is already moving at such a vigorous pace that it seems it will end up surpassing it. The agreements signed these days (the two Hyatt hotels of the Martinón Group and the one of Meliá in alliance with the Punta Cana Group) make this prediction possible, at least in appearance.

Cabo Rojo will have a harder time getting off the ground because it still does not have an airport, because it lacks road infrastructure and complementary services, and also because it does not arouse much interest among hotel companies. The investment is not being made by the brands that are going to be implemented, but the money comes from the State.

The situation can be accelerated in Pedernales if the Government bets on accredited developers, with knowledge in the matter. If the Government decides to take the step with a high level staff, the new pole will be able to compete with the mature destinations. Punta Bergantín has hit the nail on the head by putting Andrés Marranzini at the helm.

Source: Arecoa.com

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